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Among the notable offerings from Grownsy:

  • Bottle Warmers: Grownsy provides various models of bottle warmers capable of swiftly heating milk, formula, or baby food. Features include multi-functionality, smart memory, auto-lift, and instant warming.
  • Baby Food Makers: Grownsy’s multi-function baby food maker excels at steaming, blending, chopping, and reheating baby food. It boasts a self-cleaning function and a spacious capacity for added convenience.
  • Nasal Aspirators: Grownsy offers both electric and manual nasal aspirators designed to gently and effectively clear a baby’s nose. The range includes hygiene filters, saline spray, and chest rub to aid in the baby’s breathing.
  • Sterilizers: Grownsy’s UV and steam sterilizers are engineered to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria on baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, and other items. These sterilizers come equipped with a drying function and boast a generous capacity.

Grownsy’s commitment lies in creating innovative and reliable products that contribute to a safer and more convenient parenting journey.